A Little About Us

At ARD, we design and develop websites, specializing in artful UX design and acute development. With offices along the California coast, we’re comprised of designers and technologists with impeccable taste and cutting-edge knowledge of ecommerce development. We’re on the forefront of developing custom websites that scale with our clients’ growth. We have a vivid understanding of what it means to create great website designs and smart strategies that generate intrigue, a touch of envy, and most importantly, sales.

Quality Over Quantity

We’ve done the big agency thing and now choose to be small and selective. It allows us to provide the best experience for our clients as well as ourselves in creating a tailored, hands-on approach. Each and every client works alongside our a-team, devoted to your e-commerce goals from start to finish, and thereafter.

A Trusted Shopify Expert for Over a Decade

Abby (founder) and David (lead engineer) started ARD in Venice Beach 10 years ago and have created nearly a hundred beautiful, custom Shopify stores. As Shopify has grown, so has ARD, where Abby and David’s team continues to be a trusted and highly recommended partner by the original Shopify founders.

Our Founders


Founder | Mother of Lucy | Creative

Abby’s obsession for design drove her to form ARD, where she cultivated an agency of forward-thinking designers and technologists. Shopify took notice of ARD’s UX and development talent early on where they’ve been partners since the early stages of the booming ecommerce platform. Abby’s acute eye for high-fashion as well as her devotion to bring clients’ visions to life, has led ARD to become a top ranked agency in ecommerce website design and development.